Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 2...Just in case

I am afriad that the weather may cause my internet to go out so I wanted to get something posted...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! It went from 75 degrees this morning to about 55 right now! The wind blew in from NOWHERE & it will supposedly bring snow & sleet by morning....GGGRREEEEEAAAAATTTT!!! Texans drive SO well in snow!! is my picture...I could barely open the door because the wind was blowing so hard & I quickly closed it because it was COOOOOLLLDDDD!!!! I guess winter is here...:(!!!


Lindsey D. said...

I hate this cold wintery weather, but it is not supposed to last to long. At least, not in Oklahoma.

LaShawn said...

Even your weather pixie has a parka on....oooo it is winter

Jennifer said...

I am LOVING this cold weather. Guess what - I actually blogged... are you having a heart attack yet?