Monday, November 27, 2006

So much to be thankful for...

** I am back & ready to take on the challange (Again:)! **

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! We celebrated with my family & Brad's & then we participated in the wedding of the baby cousin got married on Saturday!!! I can't believe is still crazy to realize she is old enough to get did that happen??!? We worked hard this weekend & I know they have worked hard on it for months but it was BEAUTFUL!!! The place was easy to was pretty on its own. Katie looked absolutely GORGEOUS!! (No shock there, I know:)! I watched her all weekend & it became sureal how grown up she is. She just handled herself so maturely & with such was just overwhelming. In watching her, I realized how much alike we are...SCARE BEAR, K, I know:)!
After the wedding, Katie & Josh, Charlie & Lindsey, us, & a few of their friends went out to a place called Scooters...OOOOO what FUN!!! I DANCED & so did BRAD!!! Holy cow!!! We left around 1 to go eat "breakfast"...the bride was hungry:)! I have not laughed that hard in SO long...I laughed until I cried several times. Was it the wedding night you "always dreamed of" K??!??!:) It was a FABULOUS weekend!! The only hard part was that Mama wasn't there nor was she at here house over the holiday. I had a few tearful moments standing in the doorway of her bedroom. I think she was there though...I know she was. Papa's alarm went off on Friday morning even though he wasn't there...I went in to turn it off & paused in the doorway just to listen. The lyrics started playing & the first line was, "I wish I was there with you....." It was a Christmas song about missing a loved one...needless to say I cried & left the radio alone:).
It was a weekend to remind me of everything I have to be thankful wonderful family, my friends who texted me Thanksgiving messages, my kids that I get to stay home with, my husband who loves me so much...we are SOOOOOOO truly blessed. I am a lucky lady! I can't wait until Christmas to go home was so hard to leave. It was hard to go because of Mama's absence & it was so hard to leave because I love my family so much!!!

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Lindsey D. said...

we can't wait til you come home again but i think katie and i should keep josh and charlie apart for the next get together:)