Friday, November 10, 2006

Day 8...Welcome to my Crazy Life

I love my truly does make me happy. My kids (though OBNOXIOUS) are good kids. My husband, though not perfect, is the love of my life & best friend. (Though after watching Grey's Anatomy last night, I have discovered there are limits to that love & friendship...those that watched understand:)!! I love my home, though I often wonder why we got one so is a LOT to take care of. I have a little less love for the car I drive but I love that it gets me where I need to be even if it isn't a "Stylish" way to get there. I love my family, I adore my friends. Above all else, I love God & that is where my happiness comes from. BUT...come on, you KNEW there had to be a but....sometimes my life is, well...a little CRAZY as you can see in ONE picture!! My self-potrait today is titled "Mi Vida Loca." You can see the toys of the four year old thrown EVERYWHERE...he was actually in the picture playing but darted away just as I clicked it (sppropriate for how ACTIVE he is.) You can see the fussy baby wanting to be picked up because she is bored of mommy doing laundry & taking pictures. You can see all of her toys which take up SO much room & create a constant clutter around the house. You can see the laundry basket of folded clothes (the reason Shayden is bored) as they sit there waiting to be put away. You can see Shadow's nasty little toy that should be thrown away but he loves it too much so it just sits on the floor & I know people wonder why we leave "trash" on the floor. Sometimes the craziness of my life becomes too overwhelming & I sit down & cry but most of the time...I just go with the flow & am thankful for every minute of it. I must go now...Shayden is crying & Bish is not minding...Mi Vida Loca...:)!

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Lindsey D. said...

Look who can see your blog again! The simple things in a crazy life are the things you love the most. Lifes biggest stresses are our biggest loves. Some days are a strugle and when they are over there is not a thing you would change. When all is said and done and we look back we realize, "Life Happens."