Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 5...

It's day five & I am quite proud of myself for making it this far. I truly enjoy blogging & I LOVE comments (ahem...Jodi...:)!! I am also proud that I have kept up the pictures...I think I am evolving on the picture issue...if that is possible:)!

I don't feel I have any pressing issues to discuss today. I am happy to be home & even happier to have Brad home...I miss him when he is gone. I HATE sleeping alone!! I guess to be fair, I did not sleep alone this weekend. Bishop slept with me...what a nightmare that was. He is the CRAZIEST sleeper. I bet he woke me up at least three times completely turned around...his feet in my back & his head almost off the bed. I will be glad to have Brad back...we don't even really cuddle all that is just comforting to know he is there. To know that if I have a bad dream I can roll over & grab his hand or just curl up next to him. I am also proud to announce that Brad will finish his associates degree this WEEK!! WHoo hoo!!! I am so proud of him & SO glad that he will be done for awhile! It will nice to see him more often!!!!!

On another random note, I DID find a dress for the wedding. It isn't exactly what I wanted but I don't think I was going to be happy...I still have weight to lose so nothing is going to be "right." But it is cute & I do like it. I am SUPER excited about the shoes however...I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes:)! I can't wait to wear them...I would like to wear them ALL the time...except that people might stop & ask me how much I cost if I wear them around town:)!!
I can't wait K!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday!!

~ Me enjoying the bed that I missed!!! ~


Kerri said...

I'm proud of you for making it this far, too! That's impressive...and what a beautiful picture! You look radiant! =)

LaShawn said...

Love the pic chicky!

Jennifer said...

You look beautiful in this picutre!!

Mandy said...

I love the pic! You two are doing great at keeping up with the photo a day... I can't keep up with doing my hair every day :)

I love Bishop's birthday pictures, thanks for sharing them.

Lindsey D. said...

This is a great picture of you.