Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I realize I am a little late with this one seeing as his birthday was October 29th. But HEY...better late than never right?!?! I think his party was a success. We had it at a local park & the weather was beautiful...thank you LORD!! He had a good turn out...12 of his friends came & all of the parents! We had hamburgers & cake & they played & ran races! (NO SHELLY...your kid did not win soap because I think he smells!!!) Watching Bishop open the presents was very comical...as soon as he grabbed one, someone would yell, "that's from ME!" And they would all ooh & ahh like we were at a baby shower. Bishop would open clothes & one of the kids would say, "it's CLOTHES." Too funny! They were all so helpful too...it was just a lot of fun!! So...here are the pictures! I am sorry that Bishop hasn't got his thank you notes out yet...it is my fault! They ARE coming soon though!!!!

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Lindsey D. said...

Man I wish we could have come! Seeing pictures makes me miss it even more:(