Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day...I'm starting again so...Day ONE

I am so tired of this Kelly Ripa/Clay Aiken thing...it is RIDICULOUS!!! I am tired of it because I think Rosie O'Donnell is a crazy drama queen who should be banned from television!!!! YES, I said it...BANNED!! I used to be a fan of hers...I loved her talk show...she was neurotic in a cutsie way. Then she had on Tom Selleck & attacked him about gun control...that was the day I stopped watching. Then she quit the show & got all weird...No, I do not care if she is gay...I don't like her because she is a loud mouth & she uses her voice in a negative way. I am sure she has some good causes but I don't know what they are because mostly what I see her doing on the view & on television is GRIPE & attack people. I saw the episode of LIVE with the whole Clay Aiken hand over Kelly's mouth thing...I do not think Kelly was being homophobic..she was being Kelly & probably is not used to being shushed on the very show that pays her to TALK!! Whew...I feel better...:)!!

Thank you...I wanted to talk about that...like anyone cares but STILL!!!!

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