Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 7

***I am late again...BUT I WILL catch up today. I do have a good excuse though...we went to help Brad's uncle move last night & didn't get home until 10. After putting children to bed I was BEAT!! That's why my picture (which I did take yesterday) is with my eyes looked SOOOOO tired.***

Time is going by SO fast. I just realized that it is almost Thanksgiving...which means Christmas is creeping up QUICKLY! Actually, Thanksgiving is only 15 days away?!?!? That is insane. It also means that my baby cousin...yes K...I said getting married in 17 days?!?! Where did the time go? I must be floating through life because I have no idea how it is even fall. I guess I need to get ready for the wedding...I need to do Katie's shoes & the basket for the flowergirl. I am out of procrastination time!! I need to get Shayden some brown dress shoes for her dress....does anyone have any hand me downs:)? Okay...I am going to get busy now...:)


Mandy said...

Now, you don't look at all tired!

Jennifer said...

It may be fall, but it sure doesn't feel that way outside!!

Lindsey D. said...

I like the picture and very cute glasses.