Monday, November 20, 2006

Slacker AGAIN

I know...I have been a slacker. I accepted a challange & have FAILED!! The fact that my hands haven't been working should be a good excuse right?! I CAN get a doctors note:)! They are finally feeling better though...I actually notice a change. Still not all the way better but I can type with all my fingers again:)! So, I will be back today & tomorrow & then I will be gone for the weekend. But when I get back, I WILL blog everyday with a self-portrait until Christmas!! I know you guys are SOOOOOO interested in what I have to say:)!!

Now I have a sales pitch...I recently had a "Signature Homestyles" party at my house (hence all the baking!) If you are interested in purchasing something from the catalog:

then just let me know:)!!!



LaShawn said...

Well aren't you just Susie HomeMaker?!?!?! HA! OK I just spit cereal out of my nose ;-)

Lindsey D. said...

You know you could still blog here in hillbilly hell. You could even use my computer:) excuses excuses j/k Those cookies look good by the way.